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What is Refrigeration stop valve?

The refrigeration stop valve, also called the cut-off valve, is one of the most widely used valves. Its popularity is due to the low friction between the sealing surfaces during the opening and closing process, which is relatively durable, and the opening height is not large. Easy and convenient to maintain, not only suitable for medium and low pressure, but also for high pressure. The closing principle of the refrigeration stop valve is to rely on the pressure of the valve stem to make the sealing surface of the valve clack closely fit the sealing surface of the valve seat to prevent the medium from flowing. The "Sanhua" of our country has stipulated that the flow direction of the stop valve shall be from top to bottom, so there is a directionality when installing.

The purpose of Refrigeration stop valve

Refrigeration stop valve is often used in refrigeration pipelines and equipment, and is one of the most commonly used refrigeration valves. Refrigeration stop valve is mostly used in: cold storage, chiller, refrigerant pipeline, it is our common refrigeration valve.

Refrigeration stop valve manufacturer

ShanDong DoFun Refrigeration Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of refrigeration valves. Our products include: refrigeration stop valve, refrigeration check valve, refrigeration regulating valve, refrigeration solenoid valve, refrigeration electric valve and other valves.