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Company Culture

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Company Culture

Our Vision: DOFUN Technology has been committed to research and development and innovation in the field of high-end refrigeration valves.

Our Mission: To benefit the industry and benefit the society; to pass on value and share glory.

Our Core Values: Energy saving, environmental protection, safety; quality, efficiency and quality. DOFUN people will continue to explore in the forefront of the field forever and passionately.

Our Spirit: The true connotation of DOFUN is not only realizing the dream in the heart but also working at every products with great care to make it a metal art work. It will be the goal for us to fight for !

When people on earth are still making use of every minute in this step, we have already set sail towards to the next one.

DOFUN Technology, be the distinguished only !

ShanDong DoFun Refrigeration Technology Co., Ltd.