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What Is a Shut off Valve?

Released on Mar. 17, 2021

Shut off Valves are designed to safely manage compressed air in pneumatic applications and are used to block compressed air in industrial automation processes and to isolate subsystems when not in use.

Types of shut-off valves

DoFun stop valve is mainly used to cut off or connect the pipeline, so that the system can operate normally. Therefore, it must be kept fully open or fully closed during use, and it is not allowed to be half open. Products are mainly divided into straight through stop valve and angle stop valve.Applicable medium: CO2,R12, R22, R502, R134a, R404A, r507, R717, etc

How do shut-off valves work?

Most commonly used for safety-related functions, using a shut-off valve as part of an air handling unit saves time and money and is considered best practice. A shut-off valve simplifies maintenance of the unit by quickly stopping air from entering the part of the application where it is in use, without affecting the rest of the system. Simple to operate, they can be used in situations where there is a safety hazard, equipment failure or where maintenance is being carried out.

Some shut-off valves can be locked in the closed position and can be tamper-proof through the use of padlocks, while other valves in the IMI Norgren range meet the requirements of a lock-out, mark-out (LOTO) system, in which case the machine must wait until maintenance is carried out before restarting work has been completed.

Stop Valves

Stop Valve

How do I choose a shut-off valve?

There are different types and sizes of shut-off depending on the operation they require or the application in which the valve is provided to close. To select the correct type of shut-off valve you need to consider.



Ambient temperature

Port size, location and type


Type of application, e.g. LOTO requirements

Dimensions and weight

Typical applications for Shut-off valves

Shut-off valves provide safe control of compressed air in pneumatic applications and are used in many industries. Shut-off valves are also a useful accessory for stopping the air supply under controlled conditions where the process must operate correctly and safely.

An example of a shut-off valve in use is part of an annular main system. For example, a shut-off valve located above a dead-end drain would allow any water to drain out so that maintenance could be carried out.


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