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Electric Valve

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MVD-S Welding Straight-Through Electric Shut-Off Valve

MVD series electric valves used in industrial refrigeration control pipes to facilitate automatic control. The valve body and all parts are made of low temperature materials, suitable for common non-flammable refrigerants, including ammonia, fluorine, etc .The electric valve consists of electric actuator, operation panel and modular main valve, etc. It is recommended to install a filter before the electric valve。

Product Information

● All parts of the valve body are made of low temperature steel, suitable for allcommon non-flammable refrigerants. including ammonia fluorine etc.

● Adopting butt welding without flanges, so as to reduce the risk of system pipingleakage.

● Adopting advanced stepping motor combination, large torque, wide opening/closing pressure range.

● Multiple control modes: switch type, analog signal 0-10V, 4MA-20MA, PLC buscontrol.

● New modular design which can be interchanged with manual valves manufactured by our own company to realize high efficiency of installation,maintenance and repair.

● Adopting piston structure, V-shaped valve flap to ensure accurate adjusting ability of cooling system.

● 5 levels outer sealing structure, all adopt imported materials to ensure zero leakage of valve parts.

MVD-S Welding Straight-Through Motorized Valve

MVD-S Welding Straight-Through Motorized Valve