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How to Select the Throttling Mechanism of the Cold Storage Refrigeration Device?

Released on Sep. 14, 2020

Reasonable specifications for cold storage installation design and professional specifications for cold storage construction and construction are important factors that need to be considered when choosing a cold storage engineer. When the cold storage is installed, designed, and built, the refrigeration device of the heart component needs to be equipped with a throttling mechanism to ensure the safe and smooth operation of the built cold storage. There are three kinds of throttling mechanisms commonly used in cold storage refrigeration equipment in cold storage design and construction: manual expansion valve, float valve, and thermal expansion valve. How to choose the appropriate one in the specific selection? The cold storage engineer is mainly based on the capacity of the valve when selecting the model, and the pressure difference between the front and rear of the valve and the cooling capacity is considered to determine the model.

Manual expansion valve

When selecting the model of the manual expansion valve, determine the valve flow rate according to the pressure difference before and after the valve and the refrigerating capacity of the refrigeration circuit where the valve is located, and select the corresponding model of the expansion valve.

Floating Switch

Floating switch

Floating switches are often used in evaporators, intercoolers, and gas-liquid separators with the free liquid surfaces to provide automatic adjustment of the liquid volume, which is generally selected according to the cooling capacity of the refrigeration system. In the design and construction of the cold storage, the circulation mode of the ammonia liquid in the float valve selected for the refrigeration device is divided into straight-through and non-straight-through. At present, the non-straight-through type has a wider application range.

Thermal expansion valve

Thermal expansion valves are commonly used in Freon refrigeration systems. They can automatically adjust the opening of the valve according to the degree of superheat of the refrigerant evaporation at the outlet of the evaporator to achieve the purpose of adjusting the amount of refrigerant supplied so that the flow of the refrigerant is consistent with the evaporator Match the load. The thermal expansion valve of the refrigeration device in the design and construction of the cold storage is suitable for the evaporator without a free liquid surface. There are internal balance and external balance. The specific selection principle mainly determines the form and model of the thermal expansion valve based on factors such as the size of the cooling capacity, the type of refrigerant, the pressure difference before and after throttling, and the flow resistance of the refrigerant in the evaporator tube. Generally, a margin of 20%~30% should be considered.

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