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Introduction of Refrigerant System

Released on Aug. 29, 2020

The refrigerant system is also called a multi-unit air-conditioning system, and the conveying medium is refrigerant. It is developed from a household split air conditioner, similar to the outdoor split air conditioner, and a terminal device is an indoor unit composed of a direct evaporative heat exchanger and a fan. One outdoor unit delivers refrigerant liquid or gas to several indoor units through refrigerant pipelines. According to the change of refrigerant flow, it is usually divided into two types: constant flow system and variable flow system. Variable flow systems generally use frequency conversion technology and electronic expansion valves to control the circulation of refrigerant in the refrigeration compressor and the flow of refrigerant entering each indoor heat exchanger, which can meet the indoor cooling and heating load requirements in a timely manner. Generally, the manufacturer allows the total capacity of the terminal connection to be greater than 30% of the host capacity, which is convenient for us to use it in different areas, and to ensure the energy supply of the use area by closing individual terminals. Our company provides low-temperature valve.

Low Temperature Valve

The fixed frequency system is generally composed of one outdoor unit and three indoor units. The common combination is one for one, one for two, and one for three. The frequency conversion system can generally consist of one outdoor unit and 4 to 16 indoor units. Generally, a sealed dual-rotor compressor driven by a DC variable speed motor is used, and a scroll compressor is also used. The indoor unit uses an electronic expansion valve and has a system that can simultaneously supply heating, cooling, and heat recovery. The advantage is that the temperature of each room can be adjusted individually, and the diameter of the refrigerant liquid pipe and the gas pipe is small, and the space occupied by the pipeline is small.

The refrigerant system has many advantages such as energy-saving, comfort, and stable operation, and each room can be adjusted independently to meet the needs of different loads in different rooms. The system has strong control functions and has a very high demand for refrigerant pipes, manufacturing processes, field welding, etc., and its initial investment is relatively high. This kind of system is generally difficult to introduce fresh air, so for air-conditioned rooms that are usually closed, a separate fresh air system is required.

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