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Common Fault Causes and Troubleshooting of Refrigeration Solenoid Valve (Part 1)

Released on Jul. 07, 2020

Refrigeration solenoid valve is industrial equipment controlled by electromagnetic. It is used in industrial control system to adjust the direction, flow rate, speed and other parameters of medium. What should I do if the cooling solenoid valve fails? Solenoid valve manufacturers share with you.

Fault phenomenon 1: The solenoid valve does not work after being energized

elimination method:

Whether the power wiring is bad → rewire and connect the connector;

Whether the power supply voltage is within ± working range -→ adjusted to the normal position range;

Whether the coil is de-soldered → re-welded coil short circuit → replace the coil

Whether the working pressure difference is inappropriate → adjust the pressure difference → or replace the proportional solenoid valve;

Fluid temperature is too high → replace the proportional solenoid valve;

There are impurities that make the main valve core and moving iron core of the solenoid valve stuck → perform cleaning,

The viscosity of the liquid is too high, the frequency is too high and the service life has reached → replace the product.

Solenoid Valve

Fault phenomenon 2: Solenoid valve cannot be closed

elimination method:

The seal of the main valve core or iron moving core is damaged → replace the seal;

Whether the fluid temperature and viscosity are too high → replace the solenoid valve on the opposite port;

There are impurities entering the valve core or moving iron core of the solenoid valve → cleaning;

Spring life has reached or deformed → replace;

Throttle balance hole clogging → timely cleaning;

The working frequency is too high or the service life is over → change the product or update the product.

Other failure conditions:

Internal leakage → Check whether the seal is damaged and the spring is poorly assembled

External leakage → the connection is loose or the seal is broken → tighten the screw or replace the seal

There is noise when power is applied → The firm parts on the head are loose and tightened.

If the voltage fluctuation is not within the allowable range, adjust the voltage.

The impurities or unevenness of the iron core suction surface should be cleaned or replaced in time.

Failure phenomenon 3: solenoid valve does not change direction

If the solenoid valve core or the slider cannot be moved and is fixed in one position, the cooling or heating of the air conditioner cannot be converted to each other. Generally, the most common faults are only cooling, not heating, and at the same time, the air conditioner is protected against cold wind protection, the outdoor unit is running, and the indoor unit is not blowing hot air, and it stops after displaying the fault light.

Fault phenomenon 4: short circuit of solenoid valve coil

When the air conditioner is switched to heating operation, the solenoid valve coil is over-current due to a short circuit. In severe cases, the fuse on the main control board is burned out or tripped, causing the whole machine to not work properly.